Jul 15, 2008

Welcome to the reviews database! Reviews are categorized in alphabetical order. Films written by guest reviewers are noted in the title. Not all film reviews will have galleries within them. However, on all newer reviews I will do my best to include them!

The rating scale is a small one, from 0-5. However, I’ll break it down for those unable to piece it together. You can click on the rating to get a look at the films by rating, be careful, some movies may be missing since this is a work in progress currently.

Rating 0: Crap – Pretty much the worst of the worst. Reserved only for films with no redeeming qualities.

Rating 1: Pretty Bad – Almost as bad as crap, only this flick might have a decent gore shot or at least SOMETHING worth mentioning.

Rating 2: About Average – Not the worst, but not anything worth getting excited about. Still on the negative, but pretty much moderate.

Rating 3: Above Average – Decent but not worth raving about to the whole world. Rent it first for sure.

Rating 4: Very Good – Recommended for sure, better than most and a very worthy add to any genre!

Rating 5: Amazing! – Absolutely fantastic bit of cinema, and a must see by all accounts! The very top of the line and now the highest possible praise we can give to a film here at Varied Celluloid!



The Varied Celluloid Database includes 658 film reviews!