Today at Varied Celluloid we’re taking it back to the Old West, and along the way we’re picking up Jim Brown as we take a look at his feature film debut! It’s not much of a JIM BROWN movie, but it sure is a solid western! Rio Conchos is the name, continue reading to learn more!

The Plot: Maj. Jim Lassiter (Richard Boone) is a former confederate officer who has been left in disarray after the noted Apache “Redshirt” murdered his family. After being picked up by Capt. Haven (Stuart Whitman) and Sgt. Franklyn (Jim Brown), he is put behind bars on a trumped up charge in order to keep him from continuing his string of murders against the native Apache tribes. The weapon that the Major has on him ends up pointing towards some stolen military cargo that the army has been in search of for quite some time. With the Major knowing just where to look, Capt. Haven and his men are put in place to lead him on an expedition to find the culprit known as Pardee, who appears to have been the one responsible for the stolen weaponry. Before taking off however, the Major refuses to go on this mission without his friend Juan (Anthony Franciosa), who is also currently being held by the US military. Now with a regular platoon behind him, Maj. Jim Lassiter must travel the south West in order to track down these missing guns.