Roman Review


Aug 16, 2009

Sup everybody, told you I had this one in the bag! Just wanted to wait for it and make the review a lil’ more special. That and I had some fights last night that I just had to watch, but regardless here we are with my review for Roman. Not exactly the classic that Lucky and his crew have delivered in the past but it’s still an interesting and expressive artistic experiment. Yup, it’s one of “those” kinda movies. Check out the review and see what you think!

The Plot: Roman is a “different” kind of guy. He lives alone in his apartment, doesn’t watch TV and at a certain point of day he opens his blinds just so he can watch a certain beautiful girl walk past. He’s in love with her despite not speaking a word to her. As would be the case, he does meet up with her on the roof one day and the two strike up a conversation. When she winds up back in Roman’s place, Roman suddenly feels the urge to keep her there no matter what. When she apparently gets a little freaked by his behavior, she starts to leave but Roman won’t allow her. The two begin wrestling and Roman covers her mouth and accidentally ends up strangling her. Roman is destroyed, and decides to hide the body rather than take on the responsibilities of his crime. He keeps her in his bathtub and fills it with ice to keep her preserved. Slowly he begins to take a piece of her body out and getting rid of it every Sunday. Things get complicated though as Roman finds a new love interest, in the bubbly girl in his apartment building who has a infatuation with death. What will Roman do, and does he still have that killer instinct?