The Crab Cannery ShipAre you familiar with Sabu? No, not the Pro-Wrestler – although he’s pretty awesome as well (dude, when he ripped open his bicep on barbwire and then taped it up with duct tape in mid-match? EPIC!) I’m talking about the actor/filmmaker from Japan. Most of you will remember him best from Ichi the Killer, he played the ex-cop who is hired by Kakihara and who Ichi believes to be his brother due to Jiji’s mind games. So anyway, if you didn’t know he’s a pretty accomplished director in his own right making many famous cult flicks. Me personally, I have probably five or so of his films and I won’t lie to you – just haven’t found that one that makes me a super fan. Believe me, I want to be but his stream-of-conscious narratives kind of throw me off and tend to be kind of episodic. His latest, titled The Crab Cannery Ship, looks like a departure from the fun inner city romps such as Unlucky Monkey, Drive and Postman Blues.

According to those quick paced dogs over at nipponcinema his latest is based off of a 1929 novel from Takiji Kobayashi. Ryuhei Matsuda (who is actually starting to look like a male, whoa!) stars as a sailor on a crab cannery ship and is beaten around by the overbearing employers. He incites a mutiny onboard in order to take over the ship for the workers. I’m picturing Crimson Tide, but with less awesome Gene Hackman and more Sabu-esque comedy. Will I see it? Absolutely.

If you didn’t click the nipponcinema link above, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER!