Although I worry that the market may become oversaturated by the new wave of Japanese splatter flicks coming out – I can’t help but be in heaven due to the joyously over the top feel of these flicks. If you’ve seen The Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police, you know what to expect. Samurai Princess hasn’t been getting the press that Robogeisha has been recently, but it probably should be. Kengo Kaji looks as if he has directed a new splatter masterpiece, and I’ll be picking this bad boy up ASAP. Thankfully “ASAP” only equals up to about two months from now. Nippon Cinema has verified that Well Go USA has picked up the rights to distribute the DVD here stateside with an eye for November. For gorehounds like myself, this is simply spectacular news. It’ll be a hard wait, but I’m sure we’ll make it.

The basic plot is being described as an alternate futuristic story where Japan has turned feudal and the populace is made up of an equal amount of humans and mechanical dolls. Of course the dolls decide to strike out against the humans and in an attempt to retaliate a mad scientist creates our heroine (played by porn starlet Aino Kishi) who is a cybernetic ninja. Throw in buckets of gore and some twisted character design and we’re talking a possible future classic! Can’t wait to check this one out and keep your eyes glued here to VC for more updates and a review as soon as this bad boy gets a release.