Whatup everybody! More reviews written during the month of December that I didn’t post due to all of the Kung Fu love being spread around! This time it’s Samurai Princess, which has been getting a pretty mixed reaction from fans and gorehounds alike. My take? I like it, but not without regrets! Check out the review to see what I mean!

The Plot: In a strange world that looks like our past but has parts of a potential future, wandering swordsmen and samurai roam the Japanese countryside. In this world, there are your every day human beings and then there are Mecha beings. The Mecha are partially human creatures who have been biologically engineered to be fighting machines. Arms and limbs are replaced with weapons and various other additions are added to their apparently human appearance. When a young girl and her friend are viciously attacked by The Couple (two very psychotic Mechs who lead a gang of rapists), an assault that leaves one girl ripped to pieces, the survivor of the attack determines that her life should be focused on revenge. When she is found by one of these Mech engineers and a Buddhist nun, the two combine forces to make her the ultimate Mecha. The combination of eleven souls all determined to revenge their lives which were cut short. Now our young Samurai Princess sets out on a blazing path of revenge that will leave all sorts of carnage in her wake.