Hey everybody! Back with another bit of Asian cinema for you all! The modern, and truly bizarre, South Korean science fiction film: Save the Green Planet! A gem of a title, it throws you in many different directions to the point that you’re not sure where you’re heading. Definitely check out this review and the film as well if you haven’t seen it!

The Plot: Byeong-gu (Shin Ha-kyun) is an expert on extra-terrestrials, but his conviction in his beliefs far out-do those of your average internet conspiracy buff. He believes aliens are walking amongst us and have taken our form, but he alone has been able to spot those who come from Andromeda. His simple and slightly dumpy wife has recently been brought on board for his conspiracies, and believes anything that her honey tells her. Byeong sets his sight on a corporate CEO who seems to fit all the right aesthetics of being one of these Andromeda beings, and without too much trouble manages to kidnap the man and lock him up inside of his basement. When the man awakens, he is angered and has no idea what Byeong-gu is talking about, but that doesn’t stop the subsequent testing that appears more like torture. Byeong can not be bartered with and simply refuses to believe anything other than what he perceives as the truth. Outside of the basement, a pair of police officers who are generally laughed at within the station are actually making some room in the hunt for this kinapping foe. Will they be able to make it in time to save the man or will Byeong-gu do something that might get him into even worse trouble?