Scalps Review


Oct 6, 2009

Hey everybody! A little late with this one, been putting it off forever out of my own laziness. I actually finished it about a week or so ago, but just haven’t felt like doing the final edits. However, here we are and you now have another Bruno Mattei review to go over! Hopefully I can finish my Massacre Mafia Style review sometime soon and get that ready as soon as possible. You know you want it! For the time being, read on!

The Plot: When the Northern army claims victory over the south immediately after the civil war, a crazed officer takes his platoon and holds up in the west secretly planning some sort of revival against the Northern forces. However, this idea quickly folds over as his taste for power becomes stronger and he decides he is in need of a new lover, so he sends his men after the beautiful daughter of a nearby Indian chief. When the chief refuses to hand over his daughter to become the sex slave of a mad man, the rowdy troops begin to massacre the entire village. The men from the village were all off hunting so it just made the job easier for the crazed soldiers, who proceed to brutalize women and children. After all is said and done they begin their journey back with the beautiful Indian girl. However, she’s quite swift and manages to escape her confines and finds refuge in the home of a man who holds his own resentment against native Americans but doesn’t look to hurt anyone. The man must decide whether to fight for the girl, or to sit idly by while these mad men have their way.