The final day before we enter into the month long kung fu celebration! Can you believe it has already been one year? It blows my mind! With the final day of November upon us, I unleash an equally mind blowing review for School of the Holy Beast! I highly recommend you all check it out, post comments and join the forum! DO IT NOW!

The Plot: Maya Takigawa (played by Yumi Takigawa) is a young delinquent who is hanging on to a past that has abandoned her. Her mother was a devout nun who at some point became pregnant by an unknown father, which lead to her eventually committing suicide. Now Maya looks to discover just who pushed her mother to her fateful end, and in the process discover who her father is, by infiltrating the convent! As she does so, she discovers that the beautiful exterior is simply for outward appearances and this school of god is nothing more than a home of torture inflicted by a group of hypocrites. Maya will use all of her contacts, intellect and anger to open this case and destroy this school from the inside-out!