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Sector 7: own it on DVD/Bluray 3D on June 26th!

Posted by Josh Samford On March - 26 - 2012
For those of you who follow the Varied Celluloid facebook, this is a bit of a followup! Recently, it was announced that Shout! Factory had come to an agreement with the South Korean production company CJ Entertainment. A big name within the South Korean market, this means that we will see more quality South Korean releases hitting the North American marketplace. This is always a good thing, as far as I am concerned! First up on the list for Shout! Factory is Sector 7, a science fiction film from 2011. The release will be on both standard DVD as well as Bluray 3D, which will feature the film in both high definition 3D as well as 2D. Directed by Kim Ji-Hoon and starring Ha Ji-Won (Sex is Zero, Phone), this certainly looks like it will be a promising title. To be honest, I would probably watch anything that starred Ha Ji-Won. More on that in a second, but first, here is the ploy synopsis as provided by Shout! Factory.

Starring popular international female action star Ha Ji-Won and directed by Kim Ji-Hoon, SECTOR 7 delivers blockbuster home entertainment, boasting fierce action, daring stunts and spectacular CG and 3D technology. Hae-jun (Ha Ji-Won) is working as a marine equipment manager on an old oil prospecting platform stationed at Sector 7, the mining area in the vast open sea located off the southern tip of Korea’s Jeju Island. One day, a new recruit sinks to the bottom of the sea. Evidence suggests that it was not an accident, and other crew members begin to turn up dead. The few survivors soon discover an underwater creature roaming the rig. The viral monster infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and has been feeding on crew members to survive. As Hae-jun and her remaining crew lose all communications to the outside world, a frantic fight for their lives begins.

Did I mention that Ha Ji-Won is insanely hot? Oh, I didn’t? Well, she is.

  • Risingson
    Ha Ji Won is smoking hot but even if she was butt nekid, it wouldn’t be enough to save this absolute drek. Korea’s domestic CGI industry has improved quite a bit & I guess that’s a positive one could take away from this film but that’s about it. This tedious & trite crap doesn’t even qualify as a guilty pleasure in my book. I should’ve passed on this & re-watched Sex is Zero if I wanted to see Ha Ji Won. πŸ™‚
  • Anonymous
    Hahaha! Awww, man, looking forward to this one! πŸ˜€ I still plan on checking it out. Occasionally I find myself in the mood for some mindless drek. That’s the good thing about having a girlfriend (which I do not have currently – [sad smiley face]), sometimes it gives you an excuse to watch dumb Hollywood style flicks. With Ha Ji Won thrown in this one… I’m willing to sit through some stupidity πŸ˜› Unfortunately, knowing that it is South Korean… it’ll probably be 2.5 hours!
  • Risingson
    yeah, I believe it was close to 2 hours in length & believe me, you’ll be counting every minute too…waiting for it to end that is lol. Perhaps I’m being a tad harsh in criticizing what is otherwise an unremarkable & poorly executed copy of countless Hollywood monster movies you’ve seen a hundred times but I can’t help but be let down considering there was promise here for a decent film. But like you said, sometimes you need to suspend belief & good taste to just enjoy a film of this nature. I have to admit there were a couple scenes which had me chuckling quite a bit but unfortunately the scenes in question were played straight with a deadly serious tone. I can’t help but think that this movie would’ve played better as a comedy or a parody of Hollywood monster flicks instead haha. I can certainly sympathize with the whole gf thing. I guess it would be hitting the jackpot if you could find a gf who has the same interests in Asian, martial arts & independent cinema as you do. Unfortunately, the ones that I have come across that do share those interests were already taken or were rather homely looking. πŸ™ btw, I finally was able to catch Breathless & it sure lived up to its billing. What an emotionally wrenching & poignant movie while at times being absolutely brutal in its display of violence. The violence really struck a nerve with me because it comes across as real & authentic as opposed to the cartoonish level of violence we are so accustomed to these days. Yang Ik June, in his directorial & screenwriting debut, certainly deserves all the numerous accolades he has received & he’ll be one to keep an eye on in the future for sure. The actress who played the high school girl (apologies as her name eludes me atm & too lazy to google it) was also a revelation. A great movie all around & dare I say, a near cinematic masterpiece for a directorial debut. Hope you can review it soon, either here or on the VCinema podcast.




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