It has been a long time coming! Roughly eight years, I suppose. Finally Varied Celluloid takes a look at Shaolin Drunkard, after first mentioning it in the review for Drunken Wu-Tang! I don’t know precisely why it took so long to get around to this one, but I’m just glad we finally have the review up! Enjoy!

The Plot: Our story focuses on the peasant grandson (Yuen Yat Choh) of an elderly witch. Together, this odd couple spend their days performing magic and searching for a wife for the young lad. You see, his grandmother fears that the young man will never face up to responsibility and will thus end their ancient bloodline. The boy of course doesn’t abhor the idea of a wife, it just seems that all of the women in his area aren’t quite up to his standards. His granny decides that if he isn’t going to listen to her matchmaking advice, then he must immediately go out and find a wife by himself. With this direct order put to the boy, he heads off into the world. At the same time that the young lad is approaching these new troubles, we meet Ratface (Yuen Cheung Yan) who is employed as a guard for a sacred monastery that holds prisoner the psychotic Evil Magician. After a hidden attack leads Ratface asleep on the job, the Evil Magician escapes and now Ratface has only one month to once again apprehend this powerful magician!