Back again people, this time with some classic Takashi Miike! It has been a little bit since I reviewed anything from the mad dog of Japanese cinema, so why not go back to something a little more obscure from the man? So this goes back to Miike’s earliest days and is generally considered one of his first real “Miike” movies. Not a bad film at all either, check out the review to discover more!

The Plot: The story begins in Shinjuku with the boss of a Yakuza crime family sitting in the hospital dying of cancer. The bosses impending death scares the family and they think that when their rivals find out about the shift change in the upper echelon of the group, that they’ll take it as their time to move in on their territory. So, looking to make the first move the bosses son turns to Katsuichi Yomi (Hiroyuki Watanabe) to kill the boss of this rival gang. He is given a gun, arranges to be picked up by the law if he survives the attack and starts looking for the boss of their rivals. When he tracks the old man to a bowling alley, he goes in guns a-blazing. He takes out the old man (in front of his granddaughter, who’s face is splattered with blood) but gets mowed down by his bodyguards. When he arrives at the hospital, he falls into a coma. For the next ten years he lays asleep in a medical ward of a prison. When he finally awakens, the whole world has changed around him. His best friend Eto has run off with his woman Ayumi and the two now run a small time Filipino prostitution ring. Eto has himself in a decent amount of debt so on Yomi’s return he finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, as Eto has been kidnapped by a group he owes money to and they are now looking to extort to get their cash back. Yomi, who everyone assumed would hunt down and kill Eto for what seems like betrayal, instead risks his life to save his former partner. The yakuza takes notice of Yomi and decides they want him in their organization and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Yomi will have to battle his own personal demons as well as a crooked cop, the mob and the Taiwanese mafia.