Lords of Chaos

In news that makes you go “wait, hold on, WTF?” or possibly “Are you serious?”, Sion Sono (best known as the director behind Suicide Club and Noriko’s Dinner Table) really delivered with the strange on this one. I won’t lie, I don’t keep up with Sono’s career that much. He’s making waves currently with Love Exposure, which is supposed to be absolutely mind blowing and yet is also nearly four hours in length. I’m sorry, after Philosophy of a Knife it’s going to take some serious hype to get me to sit down that long again for one story. Although an interesting character, I just haven’t been in the type of mood to handle his recent films as of late.

Apparently, however it may have happened, he has been tapped as director for the upcoming Lords of Chaos feature film. His first English language production, it seems those interviews with his English teacher plastered all over youtube (some quite funny, search it out) have come in handy and he’s ready to take on directing a fairly large feature. Based off of a book that covered (amongs other things) the story of Varg Vikernes (AKA: Count Grishnackh the man behind Berzum and former bassist for Mayhem), who during the nineties helped burn down several churches and ultimately ended up killing fellow black metal musician Øystein Aarseth (AKA: Euronymous from Mayhem) by stabbing.

The really strange part is the lead, Varg will be played by Jackson Rathbone – teen heartthrob from Twilight. Although I haven’t seen Twilight (I have testicles and no girlfriend, why WOULD I see Twilight?), it’s just an overtly strange bit of casting but possibly indicative of how big this feature might be. Good for Sono, however I hope the production remains in his hands. This one could be a classic bit of “weird as hell” cinema!

Thanks to NipponCinema for the heads up!