Hey everybody! How about some Giallo fun? Sounds like a good time, am I right? Heck yeah! Oh wait… I’m reviewing Slaughter Hotel… oh well, at least you can read the review and see whether it’ll be as torteorous on your retinas as it was on mine. Hah! Well, I take that back, it’s not really THAT bad and it features some genre giants – so it’s probably worth checking out only for that reason, but don’t go in expecting a whole lot.

The Plot: In a sanitarium for wealthy women needing a break from their intense schedule (or just for those who have lost their sanity), we are introduced to Dr. Francis Clay (Klaus Kinski) who is the leading psychologist in charge of these women. However, there is something dark at work inside of this sanitarium, as we discover there is a killer haunting the hallways. Each of the women all have their own personal demons to deal with as well. With one woman being a serious nympho, another having had a nervous breakdown from looking over her own company and one woman suffering from amnesia. Not only will these women be pushed to the edges of their own limited sanity, but so will everyone else in this hospital as the killer starts stalking them one by one. Who could it be however and why would this person choose to pick on these helpless women?