Sleepy Eyes of DeathSamurai fans, rejoice! The Sleepy Eyes of Death films are coming to DVD! The good people at AnimeEigo have let it slip that their boxset for the first four films will be hitting stores July 7th. For those unfamiliar, the series follows Nemuri Kyoshiro a master swordsman (portrayed by Raizo Ichikawa) who travels from adventure to adventure with his patented “Full Moon Cut” technique. My experience with the series personally is still very limited, as I have only seen The Chinese Jade – but I still rate it in the top echelon of Samurai flicks that I have had the good fortune to see. The films seem a little more pulp than something like Kurosawa’s work, but not quite as over the top as the Lone Wolf & Cub series. Definitely an entertaining and highly influential series that looks like it’ll definitely be getting the respect it deserves.

The boxset is comprised of the following four entries into the series:

The Chinese Jade
Sword Of Adventure
Full Circle Killing
Sword Of Seduction

Special features in the boxset include:

* Audio Commentaries by Film Scholar Ric Meyers & Author/Martial Arts Expert Jeff Rovin
* Program Notes
* Cast/Crew Info.
* Stills Gallery
* Trailers
* Collector’s Booklet

MSRP for the set is $79.98

Thanks to KFCCInema for the heads up!