Hey everyone, just thought I would pass this along. Magnet Releasing forwarded a link to the red band trailer for one of their newest titles, S&Man. I was intrigued just by reading the synopsis, but I am actually kind of excited after viewing the trailer itself! The project seems like it is going to be very rooted in the horror culture. Taking a very meta stance, it looks to be a horror movie trapped inside of the documentary format which looks to be based around horror movies. This would normally lead to something bland in the hands of a non-horror fan, but seeing Fred Vogel (of August Underground fame) pop up in this trailer leads me to believe that these guys know their stuff. I am always interested in snuff or fake snuff, so I am legitimately excited about this one! Here is the plot synopsis, followed by the red band trailer and a link to the Bloody Disgusting article!

When cult horror favorite filmmaker (JT Petty), ventures into the dark world of underground horror fetish film industry things don’t exactly go as planned. As he begins to examine the classic comparison between filmmaking and voyeurism within the horror genre, he is introduced to a collective of what he believes to be either creative filmmakers just meeting the demand of their disturbed audiences or actual deviants and possibly murderers themselves. One of the most notorious of these film series that he comes across is called “S&MAN,” produced by a rather unassuming man named Eric. Petty digs into his subject Eric, trying to get him to reveal the names of some of the actors in his films who play the “victims,” the deeper Petty prods the more Eric begins to shut off. Eric passes off his lack of participation to not wanting to give away the illusion of his films by allowing access to those actors. Realizing that the real reason might be that these victims are not in fact actors, Petty finds himself in dangerous territory, making S&MAN the most unsettling horror film experience in years.