Some More For July!


Jul 16, 2008

So, it feels good to have the old writing bug once again. Truthfully, I already have reviews written for the next update but I’m trying to space things out and keep the updates steady. With those two reviews done I have to start working on some articles for RogueCinema, but then it will be back to VC in the next couple of days. Look forward to reviews for Basket Case II and Video Violence in the next update! Maybe even Fight For Your Life if I get around to it!


Cannibal – He’s German, he eats people and he loves LOL’ing all over the interwebs! Okay, only two of those are definitively true, but who cares this is the internet! Based on the true story of the German cannibal and his willing victim, the film Cannibal isn’t a terrible affair but it’s far from being a classic either. WITH GALLERY!

Chinese Connection II – Someone recommended this classic bit of Brucesploitation to me a while back over at the Grindhouse Database and after watching I have to say they were completely right – Chinese Connection II is probably one of the best brucesplo’s you’re likely to see. Great Kung Fu, a good story and a very well rounded delivery. If you like classic Kung Fu, you should be able to respect this one… even if you don’t respect others using Bruce Lee’s name to make a quick buck! WITH GALLERY!


Bullet Ballet – Shinya Tsukamoto is one of the greatest minds in Japanese cinema, and Bullet Ballet is easily in my top 3 of his films. It’s such a stripped down version of what he normally does, but packs a lot of heart and depth. Truly a great film. I was also able to dig up a lot of screens from the film that came with the original presskit from Artsmagic DVD, so I was able to form up a little gallery for this film. WITH GALLERY!

Blackenstein – Oh lord, make it stop! One of the worst films you will ever have the opportunity to see and one of the few films here are Varied Celluloid ever given the coveted “Zero Stars”, AKA: Crap award. Definitely a champion amongst the worst, and something that has to be seen to be believed.

Bodyguard, The – Sonny Chiba madnes in this film that inspired the classic “Ezekiel” speech in Pulp Fiction. Not Sonny’s best work, but it doesn’t matter what Chiba is in you and I both know we’ll watch it – and love it. You can at least read about it here first before checking it yourself.

Boiling Point – One of the most underrated of Takeshi Kitano’s career, a strange but fascinating study of youthful aspirations and the dead-end of criminal activity. The flick is all over the place but still one of Kitano’s best films in my opinon.

Brain Damage – I consider this Frank Henenlotter’s best film (still need to see Frankenhooker though!) and one of my alltime favorites. It is gory, it’s beautifully shot and it is just too much fun to pass up. Highly, highly recommended!

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcial: Review By Ian Rummage – Ian, or Mr. Blonde as he was once known on the forum, submitted this review for this classic. Some consider it Peckinpah’s masterwork. Ian doesn’t seem like he is far off from agreeing with that either!

Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave – Far from being one of the best brucesploitation flicks on the market for quality reasons, I still can’t help but be entertained by this flick. Such a strange and yet hilarious little flick.

Bucktown – One of the best blaxploitation flicks out there that few seem to care for as much as I do. A great cast, a good story and quality action. Got to love seeing it stuck to the “man”, am I right brothers!? You got that right you jive turkeys!

Buddhist Fist, The – Yuen Woo Ping, along with some of his regular familial cast members deliver one of the best Kung Fu flicks of the oldschool. Tons of amazing fight choreography – what more could you want?

Alright everybody that will do it for me once again. Make sure to check out the Reviews and Articles pages, as I have updated them and added indexes which took me almost the entire day! Hopefully everyone is having fun and enjoys the work. I plan to keep the updates coming and before the end of this year I want to have the forum jumping and get this site some serious traffic. Are those lofty goals? Sure, but I think it’s possible – was so close before without even trying all that hard. Now with my mind set on it, I think we can see Varied Celluloid doing better than it ever has. I just hope nothing happens with my working situation that would cause me to be too busy with the site, but I’ll try not to worry about that!

Thanks everybody!
Josh Samford