Some New Stuff!


Sep 3, 2008

Hey everybody, like I said I would, I am delivering some new reviews! I’m a man of my word!… sometimes! Regardless, couple of cult classic Spaghetti Westerns and a disturbing new-age of filth Japanese production. I always want to give as much coverage to the most underground films I can find, and although the SPK videotape with all that autopsy footage (google search kids!) would probably be a little bit more underground than the likes of Muzan-E or Psycho: The Snuff Reels (which I am tracking down now) but so what! I also can’t stand real gore, too much for my delicate nature! Still, I assume we’ll be one of maybe a handful of other sites currently covering these flicks, so I’m proud of that and want to get the word out.


If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death – The introduction for the Sartana series and truly a great Spaghetti Western. Often overshadowed by Django, Keoma and some of the Thomas Milan pictures out there but it’s overall a fantastic structure for a series and one of the most fun out there, right along Sabata. Check them out for sure!

Massacre Time – Another unheralded Spaghetti classic, directed by none other than Lucio Fulci. Also featuring Franco Nero and George Hilton in the lead roles! Does it get much better than that!? Throw in a script by Fernando Di Leo and you’ve got something really spectacular. A blast of fun and also a rich character study focusing on two brothers and their relationship with certain aspects of their family. Great stuff!

Muzan-E – Sleazy Japanese video about a journalist who ventures into the world of niche fetish porn but ultimately goes too far as those who want to keep this area of their business quiet also have another form of entertainment: Snuff. Will the journalist escape before it’s too late or will she be slaughtered on tape for profit?


Duel to the Death – A fantastic bit of HK mastery from the old days with plenty of people flying around with swords and such. Gave it a very high rating, been quite a while since I last saw it though, but I do remember having quite a bit of fun for a wuxia film which I’m usually not into.

Drunken Wutang – This review kind of put me on the map back in the day! I was probably one of the only guys with a dedicated review for this one featuring screencaps and such. The Watermelon Monster kind of became synonymous with this site for a while and if I ever choose to retire Captain Stubbing you’d better believe Watermelon Monster will be right there to step in his shoes.

Electric Dragon 80,000 V. – A mind shattering, back breaking, coma inducing thrill ride of epic proportions. Prepare to have your brain violated and your eyes stimulated while being induced into a heavenly seizure. This is the only real way to describe Electric Dragon 80,000 V. Some will hate it, some will love it – but it will leave an impression you had better believe it.

Expiration – My first ever Independent screener DVD back in the day. Now I get 2-4 a month through Rogue Cinema to review, so the novelty of it has kind of wore off on me for sure but it’s fun to read through this review. Even still, years later, Expiration remains one of my favorites. Along with Mercy, Green Eyes For Anastice and a few others that have been simply great features that have passed through my hands.

So, that should just about do it! Hope everyone is having a good one and hope you enjoy the new flix to read up on!

— Josh