It has been a busy week here at Varied Celluloid hasn’t it? Well the hits just keep on coming as Prof. Aglaophotis dedicates his time to another classic piece of nazisploitation! The SS has never seemed so cruel!

The Plot: It’s World War II. As the terror of the Nazis rage on, rebel factions struggle to fight the soldiers of the Third Reich using sabotage and all the combat they can. However, as the rebels continue to wreck havoc, the commanding Nazis are forced to use extreme measures to stop them. One such measure includes the torture techniques of Dr. Helen Kratsch (Macha Magall), who has recently broken technological boundaries by creating an artificial man with a monstrous and often deadly libido. The leader of the rebels, Drago, must go toe-to-toe with the Nazis if he wishes to find his captured son and wife and lead the rebels to victory. The question is, how will he do it if killing is against his principles? Furthermore, will the horrifying experiments of Dr. Kratsch and the brutal Nazis draw an end to the Rebel faction?