Hope you’re enjoying your summer! We here at Varied Celluloid like to celebrate in odd ways and today we do just that: with some grand Brucesploitation!

The Plot: Bob (Bruce Li) is a down on his luck martial artist who has recently lost his job at a restaurant after getting into a fight with a group of American martial artists who disrespect the Chinese. When Bob takes off with his best friend (who also worked at the restaurant), the two soon find work on the docks where a local Chinese businessman decides to take care of the two young men. When the time arrives for Bob to demonstrate his fighting skills, on the same American martial artists from earlier who attempt to save face by hiring more goons to take Bob down, all of his coworkers immediately seek to become as powerful as him. Bob then opens a school and immediately runs into conflict with other local teachers who don’t feel he should be teaching the Westerners all of the hidden Kung Fu techniques that he has learned. Soon enough Bob will run into the leader of this American martial arts school that has challenged him and the final conflict will surely arise.