Hey everybody, back again! I’ve had this review in the can for a little bit but just haven’t had the time to actually post it up. Well, I probably have but I’ve been terribly lazy! Regardless, this is a flick that really knocked me out of my socks. Absolutely one of my new favorite films. It’s more than just exploitation. Truthfully you could argue whether or not it’s even exploitation. Absolutely great stuff!

The Plot: Stray Cat Rock: Delinquent Girl Boss tells the story of a few intersecting stories over the course of one weekend. Starting on Friday, we focus on Mei and the mysterious Ako. Ako is a tomboy who likes riding her motorbike and generally messing up any one who might stand in her way. When Mei runs up and jumps on the back of her bike instructing her to drop her off at a fight, having nothing better to do: Ako abliges her. At the knife fight Mei is victorious with her all-female gang. However, the other girl gang they are fighting are sore losers and call in their boyfriends who have a gang of their own. Saving face and still getting out of there, Mei introduces Ako to the gang as well as her own boyfriend: Michio. Michio is struggling to fit into the yakuza, but has found the road wearisome. However, he might just have his ticket into the upper echelon of the group when his buddy Kerry, who is a world champion boxer, agrees to throw his fight in order for the yakuza to make money betting on the underdog. Kerry is hardheaded though and won’t just bow down so easy. What happens when everything doesn’t go as planned?