Hey everybody, this is a little news tidbit that is only going to reach out to a very niche audience, but for those of you who are interested it sounds like it could be an amazing event! Tomorrow at Brooklyn Rod & Gun author Daniel Ekeroth will be celebrating the release of his book Swedish Sensationsfilm: A Clandestine History of Sex Thrillers and Kicker Cinema as well as presenting trailers from some of the outlandish films discussed in his detailed book. This book marks one of the largest explorations into the strange cinema of Sweden and appears to feature a vast catalog of genres. To read more about this must-have book, you can look up Bazillion Points Books and if you’re interested in showing up you can read the official press release after the jump!

In 1911, Sweden established the world’s first government board of film censors, provoking a century-long war against filmmakers that outlived two World Wars, Communism and the sexual revolution.

This Tuesday at Brooklyn Rod & Gun author DANIEL EKEROTH delves into the arcane film culture of his homeland when he shares some of his favorite trailers in celebration of the release of his book SWEDISH SENSATIONSFILMS — a fiery retros…pective of over 200 banned and cult films by directors ranging from Ingmar Bergman to Boarne Vibenius, produced during the golden age of Swedish sin. From the backyard of the Swedish film industry, these daring sensationsfilms form a canon dealing with shocking and taboo subjects—street punks, sadistic mobsters, space aliens, unruly housewives, ruthless drug pushers, bloodthirsty ninjas, teen temptresses, lingonberry cowboys, bearded Danish perverts, horny glam rockers, and drunken Vikings—all simply too strange and too Swedish to ignore.

SWEDISH SENSATIONSFILMS will be available for purchase after the screening.

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