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Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon

Posted by Josh Samford On June - 28 - 2014

Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)
Director: Kichitaro Negishi
Writers: Yuki Kazamatsuri, Ayako Ohta, and Hiroko Fuji.
Starring: Yuki Kazamatsuri, Ayako Ohta, Hiroko Fuji, and Tatsuya Hamaguchi.

The Plot: Yuki (Sakiko Kurata) is a young woman living in the big city and working as a school teacher. She hasn’t always been in this situation though, as she used to be a teacher in a small mining town called Akita. It was during this era of her life where she first met young Sueko. Unfortunately, it was also during this period where something awful happened to her, and since then she has tried to put it behind her. Living now in the big city of Tokyo, Yuki is surprised one day to hear from Sueko. It seems that Sueko has been busted for prostitution, among other charges. Sueko is a free-wheeling young woman who does what she wants, and as this young girl comes into her life, Yuki is reminded of the dark times she had in Akita. It was in Akita where she was attacked by a masked assailant, and the man she blamed for the crime also happened to be Sueko’s father. As it turns out, Sueko’s father may not have been the guilty party after all.

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Ninja: Fist of Fire

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 18 - 2013

Ninja: Fist of Fire (1974)
Director: Wong Tin Lam
Writers: Ni Kuang
Starring: Cheung Ching-Ching, Thompson Kao, Tony Liu, Jason Pai, and Ang Saan

The Plot: Keeping the story to its barest of elements, Ninja: Fist of Fire details the story of a royal prince who is being transported via a military envoy. The envoy is soon attacked by a rebellious group who want to capture the young prince for their own gains. Thankfully, the prince hides underneath some dead bodies and manages to escape. The rest of the film details the rivaling factions who are hoping to get their hands on this young man.

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Zombie Hunter

Posted by Josh Samford On October - 13 - 2013

Zombie Hunter (2013)
Director: K. King
Writers: K. King and Kurt Knight
Starring: Martin Copping, Danny Trejo, and Clare Niederpruem

The Plot: Zombie Hunter takes place in the not-too-distant future. After a new drug, which goes by the name Natas (“Satan” spelled backwards, yagetit!?), takes over the streets, it helps spread around a zombie virus that spells catastrophe for the world. A young man by the name of Hunter (Martin Copping) has his family ripped away from him in this process, which leads to him searching for never-ending revenge on the undead. While driving his radical car across the desert wasteland of America, Hunter has his car ran off the road and damaged severely. This leads to him meeting up with a group of survivors who are currently being looked after by Father Jesus (Danny Trejo), a priest who has a rough-and-tumble background. As this group finds their strength in numbers, they are soon at war against the undead who are beginning to transform into new and terrifying monstrosities.

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Last Tycoon, The

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 17 - 2013

The Last Tycoon (2012)
Director: Wong Jing
Writers: Andrew Lau and Connie Wong
Starring: Chow Yun-fat, Sammo Hung, Francis Ng, and Huang Xiaoming

The Plot: The Last Tycoon is set within Shanghai during the early years of the republic. Cheng Daqi (Chow Yun-Fat) is a young man who has his life turned upside down when he is framed for a crime that he did not commit. After escaping from prison, Cheng becomes a mover and a shaker within the Shanghai underworld. After years of progress, Cheng becomes one of the most powerful men in Shanghai, but he soon finds himself torn between certain members of his own government as well as the Japanese military, who have their own dark motives. Combined with this, Cheng also runs into his former lover, but she is committed to another man. With chaos brewing, Cheng will have to find a way to resolve all of his issues.

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Nympho Diver: G-String Festival

Posted by Josh Samford On August - 20 - 2013

Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981)
Director: Atsushi Fujiura
Writers: Kazuhiko Ban and Atsushi Fujiura
Starring: Eri Anzai, Rima Aono, Kazuyo Ezaki, and Maki Kawamura

The Plot: In a small coastal Japanese village, the mayor finds himself in a bit of a pickle. The town is missing any sort of allure or draw to outsiders, and the entire community is suffering because of it. In the past, there was once a team of female divers that regularly drew the attention of the outside world due to their very risque clothing. Unfortunately, the only diver left is well into her middle-age years. So, the mayor and the dive team send Nobuo, a charming young man who is apparently able to grab the attention of any female he makes a play for, into the big city in order to draw a handful of women back to their small town. The girls are all young, perky, and easily persuaded into taking this wacky job. Soon enough, a love triangle develops around Nobuo, and a local perverted monk makes a play for one of the girls. Crazy hijinks ensue.

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