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Nympho Diver: G-String Festival

Posted by Josh Samford On August - 20 - 2013

Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981)
Director: Atsushi Fujiura
Writers: Kazuhiko Ban and Atsushi Fujiura
Starring: Eri Anzai, Rima Aono, Kazuyo Ezaki, and Maki Kawamura

The Plot: In a small coastal Japanese village, the mayor finds himself in a bit of a pickle. The town is missing any sort of allure or draw to outsiders, and the entire community is suffering because of it. In the past, there was once a team of female divers that regularly drew the attention of the outside world due to their very risque clothing. Unfortunately, the only diver left is well into her middle-age years. So, the mayor and the dive team send Nobuo, a charming young man who is apparently able to grab the attention of any female he makes a play for, into the big city in order to draw a handful of women back to their small town. The girls are all young, perky, and easily persuaded into taking this wacky job. Soon enough, a love triangle develops around Nobuo, and a local perverted monk makes a play for one of the girls. Crazy hijinks ensue.

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Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight

Posted by Josh Samford On May - 15 - 2013

Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight (1973)
Director: Teruo Ishii
Writers: San Kaji (screenplay), Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima (manga)
Starring: Tetsuro Tanba, Yuriko Hishimi, Goro Ibuki, and Kyoichi Sato.

The Plot: Bohachi Bushido tells a heartwarming story about forced prostitution, extreme violence, and cult activities. It begins in the Edo period where we find The Bohachi, a group that lives by a very distasteful code. They regularly track down women and then molest them until they no longer have regular desires or emotions. The group uses these brainwashed women for both financial and political gain, and when they save the wandering assassin Shino (Tetsuro Tanba), they assume that they now have the muscle needed in order to bring their group to a higher level. However, Shino is a man who takes orders from no one. When this group presses him to join their ranks, they quickly develop an enemy that they are unprepared for.

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China Dolls

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 2 - 2012

China Dolls (1992)
Director: Yeung Chi Kin
Writers: Brian Chung Wai Hung and Yeung Chi Kin
Starring: Amy Yip, Charlie Cho, and Wu Ma

The Plot: China Dolls tells the story of a young wife named May (played by Amy Yip) who is put in an awful position almost immediately after the birth of her first child. While breastfeeding her baby, one of her husband’s delinquent business partners peeps in on her. This leads to an altercation between May’s husband and the previously mentioned delinquent. The husband ends up killing the peeping gangster, and this puts the newly formed family on the run from both a collection of criminals as well as the local police. After leaving the mainland, the family is stopped by two cops in Hong Kong and the young husband is shot dead by one of the police officers (played by veteran actor Lam Ching Ying). As things progress from bad to worse, May’s child is taken from her by the Hong Kong government. May sets herself up as a maid working in a hotel, but she quickly hears about a gainful form of employment in Macau. May finds herself traveling by boat with some of her co-workers, but the trip goes from being a dream-come-true to being a living nightmare in a very short amount of time. May is locked away in a cage and forced to work as a prostitute, but all May really wants is to get her child back. Will she ever make enough money in this slave-like position or will her child remain out of her reach forever?

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True Story of a Woman in Jail: Continues

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 13 - 2012

True Story of a Woman in Jail: Continues (1975)
Director: Koyu Ohara
Writers: Koyu Ohara and Akira Momoi
Starring: Kozue Hitomi, Arikawa Mihoko and Yoshii Akiko

The Plot: True Story of a Woman in Jail picks up where the first film, Sex Hell, left off. Mayumi has been released from solitary confinement, where she has been handcuffed and living in the dark, and now she is placed in a new cell with several other inmates. These girls are similar to her former roommates, but only nastier. These women have a tendency to bully on the new girls, and they begin by forcing bottled liquids into some very private orifices of the new girls. As our story progresses, we see that this small gang of bullies are also closely tied with one particular guard who has affiliations with the yakuza. The yakuza are looking to use this prison as a form of recruiting girls, and this inevitably leads to blackmail, violence, and even rape. Will Mayumi find a way to fight against this corrupt system, or will it finally swallow her whole?

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Walking Tall: Final Chapter

Posted by Josh Samford On May - 19 - 2012

Walking Tall: The Final Chapter (1977)
Director: Jack Starrett
Writers: Howard B. Kreitsek and Samuel A. Peeples
Starring: Bo Svenson, Lurene Tuttle, Leif Garrett and Forrest Tucker

The Plot: In this third and final film in the original Walking Tall series, we follow Buford Pusser (Bo Svenson) once again as he lives out his final days. Still angry after the death of his wife, Buford continues to search for the man responsible for her death. However, he finds nothing but red tape standing in his way. Not only that, but there is an election coming up and the tides are slowly turning against Buford. Many of the residents, seeing the violence that has ensued since Pusser took over, have decided that they would like to see someone else filling his shoes. So, inevitably Buford does indeed lose in his election attempt, but he doesn’t let this bring him down. Even though he and his family are now in great debt, he looks for more answers by looking for employment in the highway patrol. However, a blessing comes his way when a movie producer expresses interest in taking his story and making it into a hollywood film. Although things are certainly looking up for Buford now, his war on crime will not subside!

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