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Great Magician, The

Posted by Josh Samford On March - 25 - 2013

The Great Magician (2011)
Director: Derek Yee
Writers: Derek Yee, Chun Tin-nam, and Lau Ho-leung
Starring: Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Lau Ching-wan, Lam Suet, and Zhou Xun

The Plot: The Great Magician takes place after the Revolution that overthrew the Qing dynasty and finds China entering into some very turbulent times. Various areas are being controlled by warlords, and the local revolutionaries are busy trying to concoct schemes in order to fight the warlords who hold far more firepower. Our story focuses on a military leader named Lei Bully (Lau Ching-wan) who is trying his best to win the heart of a formerly imprisoned woman named Liu Yin (Zhou Xun). Although Lei wants to win her affection, she refuses to give it unless Lei Bully can find the woman’s father. Enter Chang Hsien (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai), a talented magician who may or may not have ties to the local revolutionary groups. As he begins to show off his spectacular magic tricks, he quickly grabs the attention of Lei Bully and the two men bond. However, it seems that Liu Yin has a history with Chang Hsien. The two were formerly lovers, and at the same time that Bully is attempting to win Liu Yin’s heart, he also holds Chang Hsien’s former mentor in prison. With so much riding on the line, Chang Hsien holds his cards close to his chest and the audience must take this ride alongside him and see just what this magician has planned.

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Iron Angels 2

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 14 - 2012

Iron Angels 2 (1988)
Director: Raymond Leung and Teresa Woo
Writers: Teresa Woo and William Hsu
Starring: Moon Lee, Alex Fong, Elaine Lui, and Ting-Wai Chan

The Plot: Iron Angels 2 begins by showcasing this elite squad of covert agents, the same group from the original Iron Angels, going into battle yet again. This time, we watch as they deal with a hostage negotiation that goes terribly wrong. Soon after saving the day, yet again, the Angels go on a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, so that they can enjoy some much-needed relaxation time. When they arrive, they quickly run into one of Fong’s (Alex Fong) former friends, a man named Peter (Nathan Chan Ting-wa). Peter is well-to-do and deeply respected in Kuala Lumpur. Fong is taken in by his former friend, and the friendship that he once had with Peter and another pal named Marco resurges. This trio make up a makeshift group called “the three musketeers,” and it seems as if nothing could draw them apart. Unfortunately, these three have spent a great amount of time apart, and Fong has some very dark elements hiding in his past. Now Elaine (Elaine Hui) and Moon (Moon Lee) must team with Fong and investigate his former friend. What they find could very well lead to a war on this island nation.

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White Vengeance

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 6 - 2012

White Vengeance (2011)
Director: Daniel Lee
Writers: Daniel Lee
Starring: Leon Lai, Feng Shaofeng, Anthony Wong, and Andy On

The Plot: White Vengeance is a historical epic that centers around a real incident that was known as “The Banquet of Hongmen.” This story centered around two opposing generals, Xiang Yu (played here by Feng Shaofeng) and Liu Bang (played by Leon Lai), who came together under the illusion that the two would be making amends, but in reality the entire event was made in the hopes of assassinating Liu Bang. These two were originally brothers as they attempted to put an end to the Qin Dynasty, but when it came time to choose a new direction for the country – these two were unable to come to terms. In the film, these two forces are on the verge of war, and although they politically maneuver around the issue, everyone knows that it is only a matter of time before these two must battle.

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Viral Factor, The

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 3 - 2012

The Viral Factor (2012)
Director: Dante Lam
Writers: Dante Lam, Candy Leung, and Wai Lun Ng
Starring: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse, and Ling Peng

The Plot: The Viral Factor begins by introducing the audience to a scientist who has developed an even more lethal version of the smallpox virus. His mutated strain of the virus is sought as a new biological weapon, but Interpol agent Jon May (Jay Chou) has been sent in with his crew to secure the scientist. Things go wrong on this mission, however, and Jon is sent to the hospital with a bullet lodged in his brain while the scientist is captured by Jon’s rogue teammate Sean (Andy On). Jon doesn’t have much time left, as the bullet is slowly creeping into his brain, but he decides that he must get out there and put an end to whatever evil plans Sean may have for this deadly virus. After an outbreak of the virus points Interpol towards Malaysia, Jon finds himself once again traveling out of the country. In Malaysia, Jon tracks down his long-lost father who is now apparently crippled. There’s even more news though, it turns out that Jon actually has a brother. Man Cheung (Nicholas Tse) has been a small-time gangster for nearly his entire life, and although he apparently wants to do the right thing, he is soon caught up in Sean’s nefarious plans. Will blood prove to be thicker than water for these two brothers, or will Sean get away with his disastrous plans?

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Dreaming the Reality

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 16 - 2012

Dreaming the Reality (1991)
Director: Tony Liu
Writers: Lee Ho Kwan and Tony Liu
Starring: Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Sibelle Hu, Ben Lam, and Eddie Ko.

The Plot: Fox (Eddie Ko) is a businessman who has concocted a brilliant scheme to rule the underworld. Step one in this plan was to adopt a family, two girls and a boy, and then raise them to be the world’s deadliest assassins. As the trio grew older, they helped Fox dominate the Hong Kong underworld just as he had hoped. Yet, when Silver Fox (Moon Lee) and her sister (Yukari Oshima) take on a simple assassination job, things become far too complex. A van full of innocent children are accidentally killed in the midst of their assassination. While her sister has few issues putting this situation behind her, Silver Fox has her soul shattered by the experience. With Silver Fox still reeling from the guilt, the two girls are once again placed on another case. This time they have to travel out of the country and assassinate a man who holds the key to putting Fox in prison for the rest of his life. During this hit things go wrong yet again, and the two sisters are separated. Silver Fox is left with amnesia after an accident and she moves in with a retired Hong Kong cop (Sibelle Hu) and her brother Rocky (Ben Lam). Rocky has recently associated with a criminal organization who runs the local boxing racket, but he doesn’t realize the sort of trouble he is getting into. As Rocky makes this terrible mistake, Silver Fox may find herself in the crosshairs of both the local mob and even her own adopted father.

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