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Kill ‘Em All

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 3 - 2012

Kill ‘Em All (2012)
Director: Raimund Huber
Writers: Ken Miller
Starring: Gordon Liu, Joe Lewis, Johnny Messner, Som Amara, Tim Man

The Plot: Kill ‘Em All focuses on a group of international assassins who are captured by a mysterious stranger known as Snakehead (played by Gordon Liu). After waking up, this group of hired assassins find themselves in a damp and dark room with no provisions. The booming voice of Snakehead soon clues them into the rules of his game. Numbers will be drawn and the two lowest (or highest) numbers will take the center of the room and battle it out until one of the two fighters are dead. The winner of each round of combat earns a chance to visit a nearby room where they can pick one weapon to help them in this contest. As the bodies start to collectively grow in the corner of the darkly lit room, it seems obvious that Snakehead is going to have little interest in actually allowing the winner to leave. Soon, the contestants find themselves having a choose between uniting against their shared enemy – or becoming another body stacked in the corner.

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Pedicab Driver

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 2 - 2012

Pedicab Driver (1989)
Director: Sammo Hung
Writers: Barry Wong
Starring: Sammo Hung, Max Mok, Nina Li, Billy Chow, and Lau Kar Leung

The Plot: Pedicab Driver is a story with several plots all sorta happening at once. Fat Tung (Sammo Hung) and Malted Candy (Max Mok) play two great friends who are both pedicab drivers. Malted Candy is more light hearted and good natured, while Fat Tung has a bit more grit to his persona. Regardless, the duo are a pretty silly pair. Fat, after some pratfalls, falls in love with a young woman who is working as an apprentice for an ornery old baker. The baker also has eyes for the same lady, and what follows is a very strange love triangle. Candy, however, falls in love with a girl named Ping who he randomly meets while driving his pedicab. Ping seems sweet, innocent, and has a personality that perfectly fits with Candy. There’s one problem that stands in his way: she’s a prostitute who works for a brutal brothel owner. When Candy finally discovers this fact, he has issues with it, but decides that this girl is worth it. The only problem is that the owner of her brothel isn’t willing to let her go.

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Wu Dang

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 1 - 2012

Wu Dang (2012)
Director: Patrick Leung
Writers: Chan Khan
Starring: Vincent Zhao, Mini Yang, Xu Jiao, and Fan Siu-Wong.

The Plot: Recently, renowned professor Tang (Vincent Zhao) has set out for a small village located in the midst of Wu Dang mountain. Once there, Tang and his young daughter Tangning (Xu Jiao), find an ancient sword that accompanies a hidden treasure map. This discovery coincides with an ancient tradition that sees a battle between taoist martial artists every 500 years. With 500 years of history on the line, this contest seems a suitable venture for handing out this recently discovered treasure map. The contest, as expected, draws the very finest competitors in all of China, and it has also brought out a competitor who claims that the sword, which is the first of the seven treasures found on the treasure map, rightfully belongs to her people. She (Tianxin, played by Mini Yang), along with Professor Tang, both have their eyes on the treasures; however, their reasons for attaining these treasures are vastly different.

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Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Posted by Josh Samford On May - 14 - 2012

Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1982)
Director: Chang Cheh
Writers: Chang Cheh
Starring: Philip Kwok, Chiang Sheng, Lu Feng, and Candy Wen

The Plot: Our story begins with the exile of a young boy named Yuan Chengzhi (Philip Kwok) who moves to the mountains in order to be trained by the great master of the Lung Yau school of martial arts. Growing up in this situation, the young man learns great courage and is truly one of the best martial artists in all of the land. Soon, Yuan sets out to find his own path in life. When he does this, he discovers a hidden cave that was once the hideout of a brilliant martial arts master named Golden Snake. While dodging numerous boobytraps, Yuan learns that the Golden Snake has passed away and has left his martial arts manual and sword for whoever manages to find them. With these awesome gifts, he also discovers a lost treasure map and instructions to deliver a portion of the treasure to a certain woman. Yuan, being the righteous man that he is, sets out to find the woman and in the process he meets a spoiled and not-so-cleverly disguised young woman posing as a man named Wen Qingqing (Candy Wen). This awful costume somehow fools Yuan, and he becomes fast friends with Wen after she takes a liking to him. She brings him home, and it soon turns out that her family may have been involved in a battle with Golden Snake in the past. Also, could it be that the woman who Golden Snake left the gold for is actually in this very home?

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Ninja Terminator

Posted by Josh Samford On March - 4 - 2012

Ninja Terminator (1986)
Director: Godfrey Ho
Writers: Godfrey Ho
Starring: Richard Harrison, Hwang Jang Lee, Phillip Ko and Jack Lam

The Plot: In contemporary-era Japan, we are introduced to the Golden Ninja Empire. The Empire is a secret sect of ninjas that have been turned evil in recent years, mostly because their master has allowed his ninja-powers to go to his head. This master has developed The Supreme Ninja Spirit, which simply means that he is invulnerable to sword strikes. This power is given to him because he is in possession of all three parts of a very special Golden Ninja Warrior statue. Three of his best pupils, however, have been disgusted by the recent tactics of the Empire. Lead by Harry (Richard Harrison), this group decides to steal the Golden Ninja Warrior statue and split it up into three pieces in order to cripple the Golden Ninja Empire. Although this is a good idea on paper, it doesn’t take long for the Empire to start tracking this trio down… One by one, it seems as if these ninjas are going to be killed off. Harry still has one trick left up his sleeve, though: Jaguar Wong (Jack Lam). Jaguar is a agent friend of Harry’s who agrees to help him take on the Golden Ninja Empire. Together, in spirit since they never share any screen time because Jack Lam’s character has been edited into this movie, these two are going to help eliminate the Golden Ninja Empire once and for all!

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