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Tai Chi Hero

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 14 - 2013

Tai Chi Hero (2012)
Director: Stephen Fung
Writers: Chia-lu Chang, Kuo-fu Chen, and Hsiao-tse Cheng
Starring: Yuan Xiaochao, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Angelababy, and Eddie Pang

The Plot: Yang Lu Chan (Yuan Xiaochao), the protagonist from Tai Chi Zero, is back once again as he continues with his goal of learning the elusive Chen-style kung fu. After the events of the first movie, Lu Chan is in the process of marrying Yu Niang (Angelababy), but before the ceremony ends, a stranger from the past appears. Zai Yang (Feng Shaofeng) is a former member of the village who was once forced out by Master Chen Chang Xing (Tony Leung Ka Fai). Upon his return, he shows off a tremendous amount of physical prowess and a new understanding of kung fu. Zai Yang reminds the village of the ancient prophecy that told of the dangers that would befall Chen village if it were to teach any outsider their martial art. This puts Lu Chan right back to his starting point. Meanwhile, Zi Jing (Eddie Peng) finds himself recuperating from his defeat within the first film. Yet, his business partner Duke Fleming (Peter Stormare) refuses to let Zi Jing take a break from his battles, and instead helps lift him up in order to continue in his war against Chen village. So, Lu Chan must find someone in the village willing to teach him Chen-style kung fu, while also defending the village from these deadly external forces.

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Assassin’s Blade, The

Posted by Josh Samford On May - 28 - 2013

The Assassin’s Blade (2008)
Director: Jingle Ma
Writers: Chan Po-chun, Jingle Ma, Ng Ka-keung, Yeung Sin-ling, and Wong Nga-man
Starring: Wu Chun, Charlene Choi, Hu Ge, and Ti Lung

The Plot: The Assassin’s Blade is a modern retelling of the popular legend best known as The Butterfly Lovers. In this story, Zhu Yanzhi (Charlene Choi) is a beautiful young woman who must dress herself as a man in order to be trained within the Soul Ease Clan. Yanzhi wants to become proficient in the martial arts so that she can protect her family. Luckily, wearing men’s clothing proves to be more than enough to fool everyone who surrounds her, so Yanzhi quickly establishes herself within this clan of martial artists. While here, she meets Brother Shan (Wu Chun) who quickly scoops Yanzhi up under his wing. He starts to protect Yanzhi and they develop a very close relationship. It is inevitably revealed to Shan that Yanzhi is indeed a beautiful woman, and their relationship begins to further develop into a romance. However, problems arise when Brother Ma (Hu Ge), a childhood friend of Yanzhi, shows up at Soul Ease and lies to Yanzhi in order to bring her home. When she arrives back at her home, she discovers that her parents have given her away in an arranged marriage. She is supposed to marry Ma, but her heart still belongs to Shan. Will true love prevail or will Yanzhi be forced to bend to her family’s wishes?

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Protector, The

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 6 - 2012

The Protector (2005)
Director: Prachya Pinkaew
Writers: Prachya Pinkaew, Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, Napalee, Piyaros Thongdee, and Joe Wannapin
Starring: Tony Jaa, Nathan Jones, Petchtai Wongkamlao, and Jon Foo

The Plot: Kham (Tony Jaa) is the last of a long line of guards who look after the King of Thailand’s war elephants. Growing up with these elephants, he has formed an incredibly tight bond with the animals. So, when his prized elephant is stolen by an evil British parliament member, he decides to follow a trail that leads him to Sidney, Australia. As a stranger in a strange land, Kham finds himself quickly making enemies – but he remains determined to find this elephant and bring it safely back to Thailand. In order to accomplish this near-impossible feat, he is going to have to fight his way through the Australian underworld – one thug at a time.

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Wu Dang

Posted by Josh Samford On December - 1 - 2012

Wu Dang (2012)
Director: Patrick Leung
Writers: Chan Khan
Starring: Vincent Zhao, Mini Yang, Xu Jiao, and Fan Siu-Wong.

The Plot: Recently, renowned professor Tang (Vincent Zhao) has set out for a small village located in the midst of Wu Dang mountain. Once there, Tang and his young daughter Tangning (Xu Jiao), find an ancient sword that accompanies a hidden treasure map. This discovery coincides with an ancient tradition that sees a battle between taoist martial artists every 500 years. With 500 years of history on the line, this contest seems a suitable venture for handing out this recently discovered treasure map. The contest, as expected, draws the very finest competitors in all of China, and it has also brought out a competitor who claims that the sword, which is the first of the seven treasures found on the treasure map, rightfully belongs to her people. She (Tianxin, played by Mini Yang), along with Professor Tang, both have their eyes on the treasures; however, their reasons for attaining these treasures are vastly different.

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Legendary Amazons

Posted by Josh Samford On October - 13 - 2012

Legendary Amazons (2011)
Director: Frankie Chan
Writers: Frankie Chan, Liu Heng, and Ma Honglu
Starring: Richie Jen, Cecilia Cheung, Chen Pei-pei, Yukari Oshima and Liu Xiaqing

The Plot: Set in the early 11th century, our film focuses on the Yang family and their relation with the Emperor. Living under the Song Dynasty, the Yang family have lost all but one male member of their direct family. This family of women are all trained in kung fu, but they are unsure about going to war with the Western Xia. After some debate, this clan of widows and daughters will seek to defend their family name by going into combat against the Xia army. Despite these women all being powerful warriors in their own right, they will be shocked by the violence that awaits them. They will also be shocked by the secrets that are bound to unravel before them as they learn more about the death of the family’s last patriarchal figure, Yang Zongbao (Richie Jen).

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