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Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon

Posted by Josh Samford On June - 28 - 2014

Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)
Director: Kichitaro Negishi
Writers: Yuki Kazamatsuri, Ayako Ohta, and Hiroko Fuji.
Starring: Yuki Kazamatsuri, Ayako Ohta, Hiroko Fuji, and Tatsuya Hamaguchi.

The Plot: Yuki (Sakiko Kurata) is a young woman living in the big city and working as a school teacher. She hasn’t always been in this situation though, as she used to be a teacher in a small mining town called Akita. It was during this era of her life where she first met young Sueko. Unfortunately, it was also during this period where something awful happened to her, and since then she has tried to put it behind her. Living now in the big city of Tokyo, Yuki is surprised one day to hear from Sueko. It seems that Sueko has been busted for prostitution, among other charges. Sueko is a free-wheeling young woman who does what she wants, and as this young girl comes into her life, Yuki is reminded of the dark times she had in Akita. It was in Akita where she was attacked by a masked assailant, and the man she blamed for the crime also happened to be Sueko’s father. As it turns out, Sueko’s father may not have been the guilty party after all.

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Fairy in a Cage

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 5 - 2013

Fairy in a Cage (1977)
Director: Koyu Ohara
Writers: Oniroku Dan and Seiji Matsuoka
Starring: Naomi Tani, Hirokazu Inoue, and Rei Okamoto

The Plot: Fairy in a Cage takes place during the heightened period that came near the end of the second World War. Kimiko Shimishiza (Naomi Tani) is a very pretty housewife who is married to a famous jeweler within Japan. Perhaps feeling that his time in power is soon to be over, or simply overdosing on this power, Judge Murayama has taken his position as chief of the secret police to some very deranged levels. Murayama is a sadist and gets off on torturing women, and when he sees Kimiko – he can not help himself. He searches for any potential reason to imprison the young homemaker. Eventually, he does find a link between Kimiko and a student who has produced anti-government propaganda, and faster than you can say “misogyny,” Judge Murayama has Kimiko stripped nude and hanging upside down in his basement. What follows is a degrading trip into psychosis. Kimiko’s only hope for survival is the end of the war, or a break in rank within this tight-knit family of military leaders.

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Cloistered Nun: Runa’s Confession

Posted by Josh Samford On January - 18 - 2013

Cloistered Nun: Runa’s Confessions (1976)
Director: Masaru Konuma
Writers: Toshiro Ashizawa
Starring: Runa Takamura, Kumi Taguchi, Roger Prince, and Aoi Nakajima

The Plot: Young Runa (Runa Takamura) is a nun who felt pushed into the monastery after her sister Kumi (Kumi Taguchi) stole her boyfriend. While Runa begins her new life as a nun, Kumi and the previously mentioned boyfriend immediately break off their relationship. For poor Runa, the life of peaceful worship that one expects of a nun turns out to be a nightmarish world of torture. The abbot at the monastery also happens to be a rather sadistic man who likes to get his jollies off with all of the fresh nuns, and poor Runa seems to be his main target. After being far away from home for a long period of time, Runa returns and approaches her sister with a large financial opportunity. However, this opportunity will only work for Kumi if she can team back up with Runa’s former lover. As the story begins to unfold, it becomes more apparent that Runa may be hiding a few tricks up her sleeve.

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Female Prisoner: Caged!

Posted by Josh Samford On January - 3 - 2013

Female Prisoner: Caged! (1983)
Director: Masaru Konuma
Writers: Osamu Murakami
Starring: Mina Asami, Nami Matsukawa, Shigeru Muroi, and Ryoko Watanabe

The Plot: Masayo (Mina Asami) is a convict who continually tries to escape from prison. This has made her an idol to many of her other fellow convicts, but it has also made her the enemy of a ruthless girl gang who are under direct orders of the warden to persecute anyone that they deem unruly. The warden, along with her chief assistant guard, completely dominate this women’s prison with an iron fist, and they see Masayo as the leader of their rebellion. They do their best to try and set Masayo up, including an attempt to “feed” her to a group of savage rapists, but they can’t seem to get the best of this unruly woman. Will they manage to finally control Masayo by using external forces, or will Masayo ultimately prevail?

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Zoom In: Sex Apartments

Posted by Josh Samford On July - 12 - 2012

Zoom In: Sex Apartments (1980)
Director: Naosuke Kurosawa
Writers: Chiho Katsura
Starring: Erina Miyai, Youko Azusa, and Yoko Oyagi

The Plot: Saeko (Erina Miyai) is a lonely wife who fears the concept of having children. She always makes her husband wear a condom out of fear that it will lead to her having a family that she is not ready for. When her husband leaves town again on one of his long trips (he is a cyclist), Saeko decides to visit her former lover. While on the road to his apartment, Saeko is is attacked by a hidden assailant who throws a stone and knocks her off her bike. During this attack, all the audience can see is that the assailant wears a black skull cap, black gloves, and a long trenchcoat. His weapon of choice seems to be a very sharp poker/screwdriver as well, and he appears to be bloodthirsty. After her rape, Saeko arrives at the apartment of her former lover. He is a piano tuner who also happens to wear a long black trenchcoat, a skull cap, and black gloves. Despite this fact, the two quickly start back up their romantic relationship. However, things start to get tense when it becomes apparent that Saeko wasn’t the only local woman raped. There’s a serial rapist on the prowl, and he likes to end his sessions by either lighting his victims on fire or purposefully burning their genitalia. Is Saeko’s new boyfriend really the killer? And if so, will she survive?

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