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Genkai in A Black Company Trailer

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 19 - 2009

genkaiinablackcompanyI’m super late on this, but old news can still be good news right? Anyway, here’s one to stack up on the pile of flicks I’ve never heard of but whose trailer makes it seem infinitely interesting. Genkai in A Black Company looks to be a satirical look at the Japanese workplace. Based upon a forum posting on 2chan, it tells the story of a 20-something computer geek working at a “black company”, which from what nippon cinema tells us is Japanese slang for a business that overworks their employees and are generally legal slavedrivers. There’s a novel based upon the story as well. I’m more than willing to give this one a look, after another internet-posting-turned-movie draw took over Asian cinema a few years back in the form of My Sassy Girl. Hopefully this will reach the heights that the fun and energetic trailer exudes. Check out the trailer!

A Johnnie To Produced Project – “Accident”

Posted by Josh Samford On August - 15 - 2009

What up everybody. I know I haven’t been all too active on the news front. Chalk it up to my not having the computer as much as needed but there’s also some lazyness to it as well. Anyway, just browsing around and came across this. The latest from Cheang Pou-Soi, director of Dog Bite Dog, produced by none other than our beloved Johnnie To – it looks like a very film-noir thriller. Very similar to To’s own films. Should be a very interesting project regardless. Here’s the trailer as posted up by the fine folks at TwitchFilm.

It’s News to Me: City of Life and Death

Posted by Josh Samford On April - 27 - 2009

City of Life and DeathThis is one that actually hit theaters about a week or so ago in China, so I’m a little late to the boat to promote it – but I live like seventy billion miles away so give me a break! City of Life and Death focuses on the rape of Nanking during December of 1937. It’s a topic that I can’t recall being put into cinematic form, and with a decent looking budget it could be something of interest. I’m expecting something disturbing and heartwrenching, and the trailer makes me think I am correct. Directed by Lu Chuan, director of Mountain Patrol and The Missing Gun – two flicks that are now also on my radar. You can see the oficial website for City of Life and Death here. It’s an interesting topic and the trailer is pretty striking, definitely check it out!

Shikisoku Generation Teaser Trailer

Posted by Josh Samford On April - 26 - 2009

Tomorrowo TaguchiFor those of you who are unaware, Tomorowo Taguchi is like… one of the coolest actors EVER! Ex punk rocker Taguchi is an actor who can pull pretty much anything off, but is probably regarded by most as a character actor of sorts. He just seems compelled to the stranger characters out there. Whether it’s the homocidal gay triad leader from Shinjuku Triad Society (pictured left), the wild mad scientist from Full Metal Yakuza or just a wild samurai with funky hair in Kunoichi: Lady Ninja. The has put in some performances to say the least. Now it seems he’s trying his hand at directing for the second time (still haven’t tracked down his first film) with Shikisoku Generation. From what the guys over at nippon cinema have to say, the plot revolves around a young man in 1974 who is obsessed with Bob Dylan and that whole movement. He and his friends decide to make a trip to a small island after hearing promises of free lovin’.

Not sure what to make of it yet, it could go any way, but with Taguchi at the helm I’m sure it won’t be all too ordinary. Check out the teaser trailer below!





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