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In Their Skin

Posted by Josh Samford On October - 27 - 2012

In Their Skin (2012)
Director: Jeremy Power Regimbal
Writers: Joshua Close
Starring: Selma Blair, Joshua Close and James D’Arcy

The Plot: Mary (Selma Blair) and Mark Hughes (Josh Close) are a married couple who are currently grieving over the death of their daughter. Their grief has put a heavy strain on their marriage, but the couple try their best to hold it together for their surviving son Brendon (Quinn Lord). This family tries to escape their worries by heading off to a cottage that they have in the woods, but this trip is soon going to become a nightmare. While adjusting to their situation, the Hughes family are approached by their new neighbors Bobby (James D’Arcy), Jane (Rachel Miner), and their son Jared (Alex Ferris). While this family acts a little strange at first, they ultimately seem harmless. After they are invited to dinner though, these neighbors prove to be the family from hell. They are pushy, awkward, and even seem a bit violent. After the Hughes family kicks this group from their home, they are soon faced with the wrath of the strange group from next door. What follows is a night of hell and torment as Bobby and his family try to torture the Hughes household and take over their identity.

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Long Island Cannibal Massacre, The

Posted by Josh Samford On October - 23 - 2012

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre (1980)
Director: Nathan Schiff
Writers: Nathan Schiff
Starring: John Smihula, Fred Borges, and Michael Siegal

The Plot: After a series of dead bodies start to pop up in Long Island, inspector James Cameron (John Smihula) begins to feel many regrets about his job. The law is starting to feel like a burden that holds him back from discovering just who is responsible for these brutal killings. These murders are absolutely heinous, and Cameron would do just about anything to bring in the man responsible. Unknown to Cameron, the fiend responsible for these crimes is a local beach owner named Jack (Fred Borges) who has been killing innocent women so that he can feed their body parts to his father and his friends. You see, Jack’s father returned home from Vietnam with a very serious version of leprosy that… well, causes him to desire human flesh… for some reason. Anyway, Jack has been paying two bikers to help him gather the bodies necessary to feed these hungry veterans, but with Cameron snooping around his beaches it becomes a waiting game to see how long this little charade can continue.

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Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except

Posted by Josh Samford On April - 16 - 2012

Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except (1985)
Director: Josh Becker
Writers: Josh Becker, Bruce Campbell, Sheldon Lettich, and Scott Spiegel
Starring: Brian Schulz, Robert Rickman, John Manfredi, Timothy Patrick Quill, and Sam Raimi

The Plot: Our story begins in the Vietnam war. After being battered several times while approaching a captured enemy territory, John Stryker finds himself as the highest ranking soldier in a platoon full of decent men. Stryker soon finds himself at odds with his new commander, who is relatively green when it comes to the battlefield. Not knowing the dangers of the area, this latest commanding officer sends Stryker and his team on a death march into enemy territory. Due to this erroneous mistake, Stryker is shot in the leg, but he is quickly carried off to safety by a fellow soldier. Stryker is then sent home, where he finds it difficult adjusting to normal life. He rekindles a relationship with his highschool sweetheart, and things do seem to be heading in a positive direction. Unfortunately, in this same rural area that Stryker now calls his home, a series of murderous home invasions have been committed. The perpetrators are part of a homicidal cult that are stationed within the woods, and it isn’t long before they target Stryker’s girlfriend. This proves to be a mistake by the cult, and that mistake is amplified when Stryker’s former squadmates come down to visit. With guns and ammo loaded up, Stryker is prepared to launch his own personal war against these lunatics.

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Yellow Sea, The

Posted by Josh Samford On March - 9 - 2012

This review was written for the 2012 Korean Blogathon, an annual celebration of all things related to Korean cinema! Spread the word and encourage others to enjoy Korean cinema

The Yellow Sea (2010)
Director: Na Hong-jin
Writers: Na Hong-jin
Starring: Ha Jung-woo, Kim Yun-seok, Lee Chul-Min and Cho Seong-Ha

The Plot: Gu-Nam (Ha Jung-woo) lives in the Chinese city of Yanji, which is placed between North Korea and Russia. He works as a taxi driver and has accumulated a great deal of debt due to his love for gambling. This gambling seems to come from a rather self-destructive streak within his life. His wife, who was supposed to be leaving in order to help the family, left for South Korea several months back, but no one has heard from her since. Their child currently lives with Gu-Nam’s mother, while he attempts to clean up his act and make a better life for the family. This gambling debt that looms over his head, however, makes such a goal impossible. When the gangsters finally come to collect from Gu-Nam, they find that he is unable to acquire the money that they want. So, they offer him a chance at survival. He is ordered to leave for South Korea and kill a business man, and bring back the dead man’s finger. When he does this, all debts are forgiven and his mother and son may live in peace. If he screws up, though, he and his family are dead. When Gu-Nam arrives in South Korea, he finds that the process of killing another human isn’t as easy as it seems. He begins planning elaborate plots, while also searching for his missing wife. Eventually, on the very last night, Gu-Nam goes in for the kill: but someone else beats him to the punch. Gu-Nam still manages to grab the dead man’s finger, but he is caught on camera and now everyone in South Korea knows what he looks like. With the law out for him and having no way back to China, Gu-Nam must evade the police and find another ship that will smuggle him back. However, with this new attention focused on Gu-Nam, his employers also want to see him wiped out. That means Gu-Nam is being hunted by everyone, and he’ll have to rely solely on his wits if he wants to survive this arduous battle.

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Ninja Terminator

Posted by Josh Samford On March - 4 - 2012

Ninja Terminator (1986)
Director: Godfrey Ho
Writers: Godfrey Ho
Starring: Richard Harrison, Hwang Jang Lee, Phillip Ko and Jack Lam

The Plot: In contemporary-era Japan, we are introduced to the Golden Ninja Empire. The Empire is a secret sect of ninjas that have been turned evil in recent years, mostly because their master has allowed his ninja-powers to go to his head. This master has developed The Supreme Ninja Spirit, which simply means that he is invulnerable to sword strikes. This power is given to him because he is in possession of all three parts of a very special Golden Ninja Warrior statue. Three of his best pupils, however, have been disgusted by the recent tactics of the Empire. Lead by Harry (Richard Harrison), this group decides to steal the Golden Ninja Warrior statue and split it up into three pieces in order to cripple the Golden Ninja Empire. Although this is a good idea on paper, it doesn’t take long for the Empire to start tracking this trio down… One by one, it seems as if these ninjas are going to be killed off. Harry still has one trick left up his sleeve, though: Jaguar Wong (Jack Lam). Jaguar is a agent friend of Harry’s who agrees to help him take on the Golden Ninja Empire. Together, in spirit since they never share any screen time because Jack Lam’s character has been edited into this movie, these two are going to help eliminate the Golden Ninja Empire once and for all!

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