Hey everybody, here we have our final post before the Korean film blog-a-thon begins! Today I am covering Teke Teke, the low budget horror title being distributed by Japan Flix which is an online streaming distribution service. Check it out soon!

The Plot: Kana is a highschool student who is socially different from many of the girls at her school. Her good friend Ayaka however, is very much your run of the mill teenage Japanese girl obsessed with all things “kawaii”! When Ayaka proves to be too shy to ask the uber-cool Utsumi out on a date by herself, she sends Kana in to do the dirty work. Utsumi doesn’t know Ayaka, but he agrees to the date in order to get close to Kana. After Utsumi and Ayaka’s initial date goes over well, they agree to meet again but this time Ayaka brings along Kana so that things don’t get awkward. That proves to be a bad idea, because Utsumi seems far more interested in Kana than he is with Ayaka. When the date concludes, Kana and Ayaka have an argument while walking home and separate from one another. At this point we discover the legend of Teke Teke! A ghost that has been severed at the waist and now travels Japan walking on her hands looking for those who she can mutilate to look like her. When Ayaka stumbles upon Teke Teke that night, she becomes yet another victim. Now it is up to Ayaka and her friends to discover the horrifying secrets surrounding Teke Teke and try to somehow put and end to this curse!