Feast Review


Nov 13, 2008

Back again everybody, and have a review for a modern “classic” of sorts! There’s a lot of talk going around about Feast and it’s sequel Feast II: Sloppy Seconds, both films are completely anti-PC in nearly every way and are generally entertaining as well! I particularly liked this, the first film and hope others will enjoy the review. Until next time!

The Review: Feast turned out to be the train I completely and utterly missed out on. Only recently did I finally buck up and get a Dish for my television watching, growing up strictly with basic cable, so I missed out on all of the Project Greenlight crazyness in the past years when it was on HBO as well as the Bravo station. For those unfamiliar, Project Greenlight was a program where producers (including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) got together and picked out one user submitted script in order to make a feature film out of. Feast was on the third season of Project Greenlight, and I’m sure there was all kinds of drama behind the scenes of the film – but having not seen that series I can only make judgement on the film itself and I suppose that’s even better. With no way of showing partiality towards the filmmakers and their good intentions, I come into Feast as just another guy looking for a bit of gory horror film fun. With that frame of mind, I have to say that Feast definitely delivered.

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