Tetsuo 3 On the Way


May 6, 2009

Tetsuo 3I meant to post about this last night when I saw it listed on NipponCinema, but after a long day of work I was a bit too tired to get to it. So today it looks like it has been reported almost everywhere, but regardless I’ll gather what information I can find. Essentially Shinya Tsukamoto pulled a fast one on all of us. He’s been talking about creating a third Tetsuo film for years now, I remember when all the news was out and about that Quentin Tarantino was trying to persuade him to do it and that the two were having frequent discussions and such. However, it appeared as if nothing came of it because it’s been pretty quiet on that front for years. That is before this bomb was dropped on the world by Asmik Ace (you remember that company that released those awesome WCW wrestling games for N64?), as it turns out the Bullet Man project that Shinya was supposedly working on doesn’t actually exist – but rather was just a fake name to throw off the fanboys. In actuality he has been shooting his film stateside for roughly a year and they are now prepping the film in post production with the hopes of debuting it at Cannes for the Buyers Market.

The Tetsuo series focused on Tsukamoto’s obsession with body modification and the mixture of man and technology. The first story dealing with a man slowly turning into a metal monstrosity, shot with disturbing black and white visuals it has continued to influence filmmakers and is a genuine cult classic. The second Tetsuo, shot with a larger budget in draned out looking color, was not as critically well received – but with many more brilliant films under his belt – I think the majority of Tsukamoto fans are desperately looking forward to more of his work and the continuation of the series that made him a star.

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