I don’t care what that TwitchFilm review had to say, I’m still pretty excited for this one. Even more so after reading their plot synopsis which goes like this:

Tetsuo The Bulletman stars Eric Bossick as Anthony, a young white man born and raised in Tokyo by his researcher-father who is now raising a young family of his own. It should be a happy time in Anthony’s life but his wife is plagued by crippling anxiety, anxiety that largely prevents her from leaving their home and centers on recurring nightmares around a horrible fate for the pair’s young son Tom.

Tragically, those dreams turn out to be prophetic and Tom is cruelly run down by a car in the street. Anthony tries to hold it together, much to the anger of his wife who wants to see him fly into a rage. And Anthony does eventually lose the firm grip he has on his emotions, the slide into anger triggering a bizarre transformation within his own body, Anthony transforming into a strange metallic monster much to the delight of the strange man – Tsukamoto himself – who ran down Tom and continues to taunt Anthony from a distance.

I really like the ideas at work here, so I’m hoping Mr. Brown and I just have different tastes. I can’t say I’m expecting much, since Tetsuo II was far from Tsukamoto’s best work – but really, how much worse could this be? I’ll be picking this one up as soon as it’s available. Check out this trailer released from Venice where the film made it’s premiere.