As we gear up for the Korean film blog-a-thon over the course of next week, it’s time to nail out a couple of excellent non-Korean reviews for your reading pleasure! Well, maybe “excellent” is stretching things a bit. How about “decent”? Would “moderately informative” be more applicable? You tell me! Here is a review for Toshiaki Toyoda’s latest, The Blood of Rebirth!

The Plot: The film deals with a popular Japanese legend that dealt with a wandering adventurer known as Oguri (full name Oguri Hangan Daisukeshige) but our story here ventures down a different path than most versions of the story. Here, Oguri (played by Tatsuya Nakamura) is a masseuse who, while wandering the forest, encounters lord Daizen (Kiyohiko Shibukawa) who has contracted an STD that has caused his testicles to swell to mammoth proportions! While searching for anyone and everyone who can possibly help him with his ordeal, he comes in contact with Oguri who doesn’t want to be burdened by staying in one place for too long. However, after some idle threats the masseuse ends up agreeing to a partnership with the evil lord. Unfortunately, the lord begins to feel jealous about Oguri and his ability to pleasure others. After seeing his virginal future lover Tarue (whom he plans to save until after he is cured of his STD) given a massage by the wanderer, he makes a decision to kill off the masseuse. A feat that he accomplishes that very evening. When the masseuse awakens in the afterlife he is given the choice to do whatever he wishes. Rather than moving on to heaven, the masseuse decides to return to earth. In order to do that he will have to return as a hungry ghost and must remain in a sitting fashion, to be dragged across the countryside by whatever stranger agrees to do the job. When he reaches his destination, the spring of rebirth, he will be able to fully return to human form!