Hey folks, we’re back with a review of The Caller! You may remember we covered a news item about this one not too long ago and the project certainly delivers on the promise of the trailer. A unique look at the “spooky new house” genre of horror. Take a look!

The Plot: Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre) is in the process of getting a divorce from her violent and obsessive husband. When she finds herself a new apartment, all appears to be heading in the proper direction for her. Her ex-husband however doesn’t seem willing to let things go. She continually feels as if he is spying on her and constantly fears that he may show up whenever she least suspects it. Things get even creepier for her though when a woman named Rose starts calling her house. Rose seems incredibly confused and even refers to events of the past, such as the Vietnam war, as if they were going on right at this moment. While Mary deals with these strange happenings at home, she finds herself in a growing relationship with a teacher she has met at the same night-school that she attends. At first John (Stephen Moyer) doesn’t know exactly what to think of Mary and the continual phone calls from Rose, but it begins to really seem as if Rose might be making phone calls from the distant past. With Rose becoming more and more psychotic on the phone, these two will have to do battle with a figure who is literally living in their own past.