Back again! How does another obscure Giallo sound? Sounds like a good time to me! So here we have The Killer is Still Among Us which is best known as a pretty disturbing little flick featuring some nasty mutilations! So yeah, jump on board and find out how good it really is!

The Plot: The Killer is Still Among Us details the path of a real life serial killer who stalked the streets of Florence and was appropriately known as The Monster of Florence. Our story focuses on a criminology student named Cristina who is often given very specific details on crimes that are committed locally. She decides to take this case head on for her thesis and soon finds herself wrapped up in a world of voyeurism, pimps and prostitutes. At night the city streets become a dark place where voyeurs spy on young couples while they think they are privately parking out in secluded areas. Our killer takes advantage of these naive youths and shoots them dead and then follows up his murders with the desecration of their bodies. Cristina, while trying to track down the killer, meets a local doctor who is given the job of looking over a couple of the bodies and he tells her what he has discovered during the autopsies. Cristina and this doctor soon begin to date and as the film progresses, we discover that the killer could literally be ANYONE around her and she may very well be the killer’s next target!