It seems as if it has been forever since my last review for anything “giallo”, so why not jump right back in? The Killer Reserved Nine Seats gets some pretty mixed reviews all over, but I really enjoyed it. Hopefully others can get the opportunity to search this one out, as it is well worth it!

The Plot: Patrick is a wealthy businessman on the verge of marrying his young fiance. He invites all of his friends and his young wife to visit a large castle-like theater he owns but has been closed down. Along for the trip is Russell, Patrick’s fiances old flame. Rebecca and Doris, a lesbian couple indebted to Patrick. Albert, a doctor who owes Patrick money from opening his clinic for him, who is now married to Vivyan. Vivyan is a sweet woman who Patrick was once close to marrying, but was betrayed. Lastly there is Lynn, Patrick’s redheaded daughter who has brought along her boyfriend and may actually have some unhealthy hidden feelings for her father. They are all joined by a mysterious man that they met at a party nearby and recommended that they head here. However, this theater has a history and this mystery man seems to know the story. When bodies start to pile up, will this group of posh aristocrats manage to stay the entire night? If they do, who will survive?