Whew! Back with another review! We have a lot of catching up to do! Anyway, here is a review for the new Asian horror film The Matrimony, starring Leon Lai. A spooky story about a man and his wife.. wives… err, something like that. Give it a look!

The Plot: Junchu (Leon Lai) is a film composer reeling from the recent death of his former lover. After the initial grief phase has waned, his mother sets him up in a new marriage that is ultimately devoid of love because of his remaining grief. This new wife however won’t let Junchu simply mope around forever and she desperately wishes for the two to consummate their relationship. After some spooky moments in their new home, she is eventually visited by the ghost of Junchu’s former lover who promises to help the new wife as long as she can overtake her physical form in order to have a final fling with Junchu. When Junchu finally starts to warm up to his new wife though, his former lover’s ghost starts to feel rather jealous. Will she overtake the young lover’s body forever or will the young couple figure out a way to banish this unfriendly apparition?