So here we are, another day another classic piece of cinematic history! The New Centurions is a flick I stumbled upon by accident, but was drawn to due to the amazing high level talent of the cast. Stacy Keach? George C. Scott? Count me in. Two great actors, both with connections to William Peter Blatty films (George in Excorcist III and Stacy in The Ninth Configuration) and the two are superb here. It’s a shame flicks like this aren’t made in this day and age. Police dramas have turned into wannabe Scarface type pictures it seems. Still, you can check out The New Centurions and learn just what you’ve been missing!

The Review: If there are two draws that will generally grab my interest; the first has to be crime cinema. Not necessarily from the point of the criminal either, police officers on the beat, detectives hunting down mad men or generally anything pertaining to that sort of thing. I suppose in some fashion we’re all intrigued with those who would oppose the law, and those who are sworn to protect it. The other thing I mentioned that pretty much guarantees my interest comes from any film featuring George C. Scott. I’ve already reviewed Hardcore here on the site, and aim to someday put The Excorcist III here amongst other works of his. There’s just something about the man, his gravelly voice and his ability to deliver lines with such earnest conviction. I don’t believe American cinema has ever seen another actor quite like him.

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