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The New Varied Celluloid

Posted by Josh Samford On September - 18 - 2007

Hey everybody,  just trying something new! Hope everybody is doing well and digging the new format. Hopefully this allows enough flexibility to really edit the site to the way I want to.

  • Yayuh! Test comment FTW 😉
  • Bullet
    YES!!! I have tragic news however…
  • I believe I heard, about Buono? How did it happen? When did you find out? You can e-mail me at munkzilla_cow @ if you don’t want to go posting that right here. Let me know man. – Josh
  • Bullet
    Where’s the forum at?
  • Trying to figure which forum I’m going to use, shouldn’t be far off. I’m also working on getting all of the old reviews up and ready to go as well. Lots o’ work to go around!
  • Belle Alabaster
    Yay! Varied Celluloid is back!
  • Joshy! My God, just when I had given up hope, here you are, on the web, writing about movies, with a super spiffy website. Varied Celluloid is looking good brotha. I’ll make sure to update all my links so that people start heading to VC again. Hope all is well on your end. Take care, Jordy
  • Thanks Jordy, I’ve had it up for a few months now. However just now starting to get it to look the way I want it to. Using wordpress for the database setup, which is just functional enough for me to be able to edit it and make something new. Anyway, yeehaw! Good to be back! 😉
  • Brian
    Hey, josh. it’s “ratfacekilla”. I know we havent been in contact for awhile but id be interested in discussing movies again and maybe writing criticism as well. contact me if you get this.




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