The Podcast on Fire Network We here at Varied Celluloid are deep in the swing of Kung Fu Christmas, but I’d like to take some time out to promote a podcast that does its best to publicize Asian cinema in a big way. If you’re not already a fan of the Podcast on Fire Network – you should be. It’s no secret that I (Josh, webmaster of Varied Celluloid) co-host on one of their programs: This Week in Sleaze, which is a podcast (for those who have never listened to one, think: radio show) dedicated to the wild and nasty world of Hong Kong CAT III cinema. However, there are other great programs that can also be found on the Network. There are shows that focus on Hong Kong film in general, cult films, older “Taiwan Black” movies, contemporary Korean cinema, Japanese film, and more. It is a Network of podcasts are come to you at regular intervals and will never leave you without something to fill your brain up with.

The POF Network also has a great Facebook group that I highly recommend everyone join. If you have been missing the Varied Celluloid forums, then this is a great alternative. All of the latest shows are posted to this group, and if you are into Asian cinema then it is a great place to talk and hang out. For all things related to the POF Network, you can also visit the official website located at Podcast on Fire Dot Com.

Do me a solid and sign up in the group if you A) use facebook or B) have any interest in Asian cinema. The atmosphere is fun and egos are checked at the door. You are all welcome to join in on the festivities!