Sorry the brief lack of updates everybody! I had the content ready last week, but I found myself rather busy! Better late than never I suppose! So here comes a great contributed review from our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis. He dissects this piece of eighties trash as only the professor really could! Check it out!

The Plot: Something isn’t right at the North Point, Keen Wild, Colorado; someone… or something is going around killing campers in grisly ways. However, the bodies of the victims are never found, so they’re reported as disappearances. That is until a group of van driving teenage campers ride in to spend some fun times in the wilderness. It is here that the killer/creature/humanoid starts to take their lives. The forest rangers finally take notice of the missing campers and act upon the disappearances. But as the campers move on without their friends and they finally do come across our killer, they will eventually discover the killer’s motivation and a bizarre demise may await those who learn of its secret…