SanctuaryLike a lot of these new Thai martial art flicks coming out these days, The Sanctuary snuck up and bit me in the behind this morning. Director Thanapon Maliwan got his rise as one of the members of the production company that gave us Tony Jaa, and star Mike B. (yeah, that’s his name) was one of the fine stuntmen who made Ong Bak such a bone crushing and entertaining experience. According to Twitch the film began under the title Dead End, but after having trouble wrangling up finances Maliwan moved on and made his first feature Brave instead. However, after that he moved on back and adjusted Dead End and resculpted it into a different project altogether and now we have The Sanctuary. The basic storyline focuses on a young man accused of stealing a rare jewel, that in reality was placed into his hands for protection. However, things go awry when some gangsters get their hands on this emerald and our hero must make his way through an army of toughguys to get it back. Check out the trailer below to see just HOW Mike B. plans to “make his way through” that army!