canvasJust picked this bit of news up from NipponCinema, and although I’ve never heard of the film until now there are a few major selling points on this one: the first is the punk rock attitude and music, usually Japanese punk movies are pretty interesting regardless of plot. The second bit that has my interest is Tomorowo Taguchi who plays the lead singer of said punk rock band discovered by a talent scout; which brings me to reason number three that I’m interested in the movie. The scout is played by Aoi Miyazaki, who is incredibly cute and thus wins me over. In the film she apparently hates her job and sabotages herself by finding a video of Taguchi’s band performing which she figures her boss will hate, but of course he does not. So he sends her out on a mission to find them but the group was actually from the 80’s and thus they are now all overweight and in the case of Taguchi, the lead singer, possibly braindead. Will she be able to shape this group of slackers back up? It certainly seems so from the trailer! Check it out!

Taiwan based DVD company Double Edge Entertainment will be releasing the DVD this month with English subtitles so this looks like our chance to import this bad boy.