Sorry for the delay in reviews everyone! I’ve been having trouble getting my graphics work done, but hopefully you guys enjoy what I have for you today! Here is a review for the early Jackie Chan title The Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin! It’s not his best work, but for Jackie fans it is probably work a look! Give it a read!

The Plot: Every year the eight heads of various Shaolin schools were known to gather together in order to examine their own techniques, to find each weakness so that they could craft the most perfect form of Kung Fu known to man. This lead to the creation of The Eight Steps of the Snake and Crane. This secret Kung Fu style was written down and the book was thought to be lost whenever the eight masters all turned up missing. After several years, a young man named Siu Yin Fung (Jackie Chan) has turned up using the style and claiming to be in possession of the book itself. The young man has mentioned it enought that he has caught the attention of every Kung Fu school for miles around. They all want a piece of that book as well, but most especially The Black Dragon clan seem to want it far greater than the others. This insidious group wants to find Siu Yin Fung and dispatch of him so that they can rule the martial world, but as long as Siu Yin Fung remains in control of the Eight Steps style he is almost invincible. Will the Black Dragon gather the book or will this brave young man defeat them and uncover the secrets of the eight masters along the way?