Hey folks, it’s like they always say: it’aint your jingle-bells, and it’aint your corn shoot – it’s just The Taint! And if you follow me on Facebook you may have seen when I posted up the trailer for this bizarre new sleazefest a couple of weeks back. The Taint looks to be one of he most out-there slices of indie filmmaking currently making the rounds, and if you have not seen the trailer yet then it is about time you dropped everything that you are currently doing and go take a gander. You can find it at the official website located HERE.

While fans of Varied Celluloid await our eventual review for the film (which should be coming in short order), you can actually check the entire movie out for yourself! This opportunity will only last for Christmas day and once it is over – that’s it! You’ll have to pay up and support the filmmakers, you lazy bum! So, while you’re getting ready to stuff your belly, enjoy some Christmas movies and watch the kids unravel their presents; load up The Taint and wait for a moment of peace so that you can enjoy the sleaze on this most special day! It’s your chance to see the movie that has been hailed with criticisms such as this most eloquent Twitter update: “the most deplorable, disgusting, trashfest I’ve ever seen. I fucking loved it.


Do yourself a favor and go watch that trailer. I guarantee you are going to be interested in the movie after you see that. Then, for only a short time, you can actually see the movie for yourself. So, don’t be so quaint and get with The Taint!