The good folks over at Substance Productions forwarded a bit of news to me, so I thought I would pass it along! The fine folks that they are, they even showed me a few minutes from this upcoming project that they are now trying to crowdsource. For those of you unaware, these are the gentleman behind one of my favorite faux-docu-comedies to come from the independent film world: The Notorious Newman Brothers. A very funny, and totally insane, little independent comedy that definitely takes its own approach to the genre. Their latest project looks to continue in that same vein. The Undrawn is planned as a six part web series and is being characterized as The Office meets The X-Men. Essentially it details a group of superheroes who all seem far from “super.” From what I have seen, the series looks like it is going to be a blast! Right now, you can help pitch in and get the ball rolling on this project by donating to their kickstarter! Any little bit helps, and if you follow the link you can get a taste of what is to come!