Well folks, there have been rumblings for a little while now. Coffin Jon and I have talked about it and mentioned it from time to time and now it looks like we’ll finally be doing it. A VCinema podcast! We both know that there are a good number of really great Cult Film podcasts already out there. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, The Mondo Movie Podcast, Cadaver Lab, ShowShow, Action Attraction, etc. but we hope that we’ll be able to deliver coverage for films that don’t have a lot of light on them within the Podcast world.

We’re still nailing down the specifics. We’re doing recording tests, getting music together and just gearing up for it as of now. We don’t know when we’ll have a first episode just yet all we know is that The Story of Ricky will likely be covered on that first show and we’ll likely have a keen interest in covering Asian cinema. So, keep an eye out because the VCinema home will be hosted here at Variedcelluloid. Exciting things are coming and we hope that you’ll all be there to experience it with us! Thanks, Josh