Nope, this isn’t about MMA brothers heading into a cage to fight, nor does it feature a haggard looking Nick Nolte. This is a very different kind of Warrior! This is THE WARRIOR, aka: Jaka Sembung, and featuring Barry Prima! A classic piece of Indonesian action for you folks, hope you enjoy!

The Plot: Jaka Sembung (Barry Prima) is a freedom fighter leading the revolution against the Dutch invaders who have overtaken Indonesia. Although he appears to us first as a captive, he soon escapes and embarrasses the local Dutch military who will do anything to capture this savage yet again. Rather than calling for military reinforcements, and looking poor in the face of the general command, the leading Dutch officer instead turns to the local citizens for help in finding this rough and tumble Jaka Sembung. Although most of the population look to Sembung as a local hero, fighting the good fight, there are still some evil men who would turn against him. This leads the Dutch to turn towards Kobar, the incredible strongman who possesses powerful black magic, as well as an evil magician who raises one of Sembung’s oldest enemies, the nefarious Kieten, from the dead! Will Jaka Sembung rescue the Indonesian people or will these forces of evil prove to be too much for this warrior?